Tumbling Classes

Summer schedule of tumbling classes and Summer Open Gym has ended...

Mark your calendars; Fall classes begin September 8th

If your child has MAKE-UP TOKENS to use, you can use them towards the Fall.  Holding your spot for the Fall will require payment of the Reg Fee ($25).  Simply enroll for your class choice, and the instructors will use your tokens for the amount of classes you have. 

New students will be charged the Monthly Tuition starting Sept 1st. Due to our regulated class size you MUST be registered for Fall; for safety reasons, we cannot allow drop-ins.

Questions? Email us admin@pridecheergym.com

2020 Fall Class Schedule

Fall tumbling continues through January as the Winter schedule starts up in January.  See your own DAY of the week to know where your class is at within the session.

HOW TO ENROLL:  Use our ENROLL IN A CLASS button on the homepage! 

The Enrollment Page allows you to:

  • View all of our classes even before you enroll (or open above)

  • After you create a family account, you can enroll in a class. Returning members should NOT make a new account, use your original one!

  • Discounts offered: Full session in Sept or Jan, sibling and team member discounts.   Please contact us if needing help to apply discounts.  

  • You can also later view your own private family ledger once you are a member & you can make any updates to it at any time.

ENROLLMENT OPTIONS for tumble class:

SESSION packages are available throughout the year.  These offer discounted classes if you purchase up front:  
  • Summer offers a 10 week package
  • Fall (Sept-Jan) offers 4 months
  • Winter (January-June) offers 5 months.  
"Session” students should re-enroll when a new session begins so that we know you want to continue (otherwise the student will be automatically dropped at the end of the paid session).
  •  Offers flexibility without a long-term commitment
  • Current “monthly” students stay enrolled within an ongoing tumbling class until you need to drop, then simply notify us at the end of a month.  (minimum one-month membership)
  • Current “monthly” students have a chance to upgrade at the start of any new session, notify us by email or phone. (in September or in January)
  • New students can enroll at the start of any month, choose a start date at the beginning of our months (summer is per week)
OPEN GYM can be used for any MAKE-UP days.  See our "Extras" page for times!

Do YOU want to learn to flip, twist or jump?

We have a class for YOU!

 There’s a class for EVERYONE! Our gym area alone covers nearly 8,000 sq ft which was created specifically to our sport.  You can rest assured that we have gone above and beyond industry standards to make Pride Cheer Gym the BEST possible training facility for athletes in cheer, dance & tumbling.  Feel confident in knowing our coaches go through background checks and have received the proper training and education to coach your child safely.

We strive for a 6-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.  Often times it’s less, occasional slightly more, and we add extra instructors as needed.  (Note: our Summer classes may vary slightly more to allow family flexibility in choosing more options).

Our structure of Tumbling classes is created by both ability & age.  Our focus is on PROPER TECHNIQUE & PROGRESSION.  Athletes can feel comfortable as they work through their levels around kids of similar skill level.  You are also allowed to progress forward at your own pace, when you are ready for more you are encouraged & taught to try the next skill.  When you need more time with a skill, that’s ok too. 


Multiple stations are created for individual work where one can focus & practice a necessary drill, as well as stations of getting spotted by coaches on the new challenging skills.  There is little down-time, or standing in lines,  & athletes also condition in all classes to develop the strength & flexibility to execute skills properly.   

Our Little Explorers Academy is the perfect tumble destination for your toddler or pre-schooler ages 2-5.  Our mommy & me classes are for toddler ages 2-3.  Children ages 4-5 will work independently with our top notch coaches! These classes work to enhance body awareness and learn fundamental tumbling skills with proper body positions. Trampoline, bar, balance beam and mat stations. Themed classes for fun and interactive learning. Start good habits at a young age!

For more detailed information please "click" on Summer Schedule at the top of this page!

dont forget to check out our preschool tumble classes!

Want to know what class you should take? 

We can help, we’ll even evaluate your child for you, contact us at:

tumbling@pridecheergym.com or


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